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LOANS & CREDITS October 23, 2019

Mozambique - Social Protection Project - AF2 and Support to Cyclone and Flood Emergencies

IDA Grant from Crisis Response Window: US$ 35 million equivalent

Co-financing from the Strengthening Mozambique's Social Protection System Multi-Donor Trust Fund:  US$ 10 million equivalent

Project ID: P170327

Project Description: The project development objective is the same as the original project, which is to provide temporary income support to extremely poor households and to put in place the building blocks of a social safety net system. The proposed AF2 will cover the financing gap associated with: (a) scaling up social protection (SP) programs to support the cyclone and flood affected areas,  covering an estimated 108,000 affected households; (b) scaling up project activities through the expansion of SP programs among vulnerable households; (c) covering costs overruns in the investments associated with the building of SP instruments; (d) supporting additional project management, supervision, and incremental operating costs; and (e) strengthening client capacity to manage and operate sustainable SP systems.