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Stories of Resilience, Hope, and Collaborations: Nepal Youth Employment Transformation Initiative

Beneficiaries of World Bank-supported YETI Project

World Bank/Sabrina Dangol/Prasun Singh

The Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) Project is strengthening the Nepal government’s Prime Minister Employment Program to improve employment services and labor market outcomes for youth, especially women from the poor and marginalized communities in Nepal. 

The YETI project is supporting over 135,000 beneficiaries through temporary jobs and other employment services. The Project is being implemented by Nepal’s Ministry of Labor, Employment, and Social Security and is financed by the World Bank Group’s International Development Association (IDA).                 

During the COVID pandemic, the YETI project provided temporary employment support to an additional 44,000 people who had lost employment.  

In Aurahi Rural Municipality of Madhesh Province, Gujri Devi Ban, found empowerment and a sense of purpose through the work she took up with the Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) Project. Breaking traditional norms that confined her to household duties, Gujri's involvement in construction and maintenance work not only improved her family's financial stability but also inspired other women in her community to seek similar opportunities. Read Gujri's story.

In Bhaktapur of Bagmati Province, Buddha Ratna Boju, found stability and the joy of staying close to family through the Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) Project after the 2015 earthquake. By participating in a local temporary employment program, he not only contributed to the maintenance of his community's infrastructure but also supported his family's needs and his children's education. Read Buddha's Story

In Rainas Municipality of Gandaki Province, Sita Lama found a lifeline in the Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) Project amidst the financial turmoil caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. With her husband abroad and her son's health expenses, the project's temporary employment program offered her a chance to work on community infrastructure, aiding her family's resilience and fueling her hope for self-reliance. Read Sita's story

In Loharpatti Municipality of Madhesh Province, Lalita Devi Paswan challenged societal norms by participating in the temporary work through the Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) Project, earning her own income and dignity. Despite initial backlash, her participation in the temporary employment contributed to her family's livelihood and inspired other women in her community to seek for financial independence. Read Lalita's story

Manju Devi from Loharpatti Municipality in Madhesh Province transitioned from traditional bamboo craftsmanship to agricultural labor due to modernization.  Manju found new opportunities through the Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) Project that ignited her aspirations for additional workdays and skills training to secure a sustainable future for her family. Read Manju's story

Sangita Shivabhakti from Bidur Municipality, Nuwakot, faced life's harsh trials with the untimely loss of her husband. Through her strength and determination, she found solace and a new beginning in the Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) as a caretaker and gardener, nurturing not only the parks of Nuwakot but also the hope for a brighter future for her daughter and family. Read Sangita's story

Usha Bhujel from Rainas Municipality, Gandaki Province participated in the Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) Project. Determined to turning her dreams into reality, she aspires of educating her daughter and opening a restaurant. Read Usha's story

Kalpana Mijar from Bidur Municipality, Nuwakot shoulders her family's financial burdens with unwavering determination. Having taken on various jobs to ensure her daughters' education, she participates in the Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) to maintain parks and gardens, driven by her resolve to prevent her daughters from facing the educational barriers she once encountered. Read Kalpana's story

Ward 13 of Pokhara Metropolitan City revived Kamalpokhari, a religious and natural heritage, thanks to the Ward Office's employment-driven conservation efforts. With the YETI project's support, the site has undergone significant improvements, such as enhanced drainage and soil removal, fostering community engagement and laying the groundwork for future tourism development. Read full story

Panchakanya Rural Municipality of Nuwakot leveraged the support of Youth Employment Transformation Initiative (YETI) Project to build a sports park.The park is part of a broader vision towards creating employment opportunities in public works and enhancing local economic growth. Read full story.

In strong collaborations with the federal and sub-national governments, the YETI project also supports strengthening systems and longer-term provision of employment services through employment service centers in all 753 local governments and a National Employment Management Information System (NEMIS). 





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