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FEATURE STORYSeptember 28, 2023

Meet: Lukman Yusuf, Treasury Junior Analyst '23

Lukman Yusuf headshot

Meet Lukman

  • Lukman is a Junior Analyst working on the Pension Middle office team in the Pension & Endowments Department.
  • He is a Nigerian national and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics at the Institute of Advanced Studies of International and Strategic Relations (Iheris) in Lomé, Togo.
  • He is exploring the benefits and power of big data and artificial intelligence through data analytics in enhancing financial and investment reporting.

What’s your typical day as a Treasury Junior Analyst?

Every day in the Pension Middle Office presents me with an exciting challenge to tackle. From researching ways to automate existing performance reporting processes to reconciling tax reclaims and cash flows, I continually learn new Excel and Power BI features, enhancing my proficiency in several programming languages. Occasionally, I attend meetings with my team, led by my manager, to stay updated on the latest developments in Treasury and Pensions. I also can participate in reviewing and vetting the Annual Pensions Report before it is published.

What is your greatest challenge and success as a Junior Analyst?

As a Junior Analyst, my greatest challenge has been coming to grips with the realization that my actions and the work I perform in the team directly impact the lives of thousands of individuals enrolled in our various pension plans. The learning curve has also been remarkably steep, emphasizing the importance of asking meaningful questions and tapping into the experiences of senior colleagues. Above all, I now know what it really feels like to take responsibility.

On the contrary, my greatest success has been the consistent growth and personal development I have experienced over time. I have evolved into a more knowledgeable and practical professional, not only in the field of finance but also in my understanding of the diverse cultures present at the World Bank. I feel extremely privileged and fortunate to have begun my career at the World Bank Treasury. Exposure to creative ideas and innovations within the organization has raised the bar for my aspirations.

What do you appreciate most about the Junior Analyst Program?

What I value most about the Junior Analyst program is its commitment to providing an exceptional career headstart for young individuals like me, regardless of their backgrounds. It allows us to learn from experienced professionals and contribute to making a positive global impact.

Name your favorite aspect of the World Bank.

My favorite aspect of the World Bank is the dynamic platform it presents for exploration and growth. This includes expanding my network within both the public and private sectors, acquiring new skills and knowledge through the Open Learning Campus (the World Bank’s internal learning platform) and its vast database of resources, meeting individuals from diverse cultures, and even enjoying small adventures like trying Japanese sushi or Indian chicken masala at the main cafeteria.

In a multicultural environment like the Treasury's, there are always new things to learn. Personally, I appreciate how this setting has influenced my thinking and personality, making me a more considerate and accommodating individual. I believe these qualities will play a crucial role in my life journey and career trajectory in the near future.
Lukman Yusuf
Lukman Yusuf
Treasury Junior Analyst

What has been the involvement of senior colleagues with your work?

My senior colleagues have been tremendously supportive in helping me become more proficient in data analytics and financial reporting. I am particularly impressed by how they have skillfully balanced the task of training me in what I need to know about the finance and investment industry as it relates to pensions while encouraging me to learn and grow independently.

Why did you apply to the Summer Internship Program?

I applied for the summer internship because I wanted to be a part of an organization that contributes to making a positive global impact, and the World Bank has a strong reputation for doing just that. Even though I applied with limited expectations of being accepted due to the fact that most of my previous internships have all been in Nigeria, I have come to appreciate the program for providing an equal opportunity for all candidates.

How did the Treasury Summer Internship prepare you for this position?

The internship provided me with insight into the World Bank's culture and equipped me with a foundational understanding of the operations of each Treasury team. Additionally, it allowed me to explore Washington, D.C. and gain insights into daily life in the city.

Treasury Summer Intern & Junior Analyst Experience Webinar (2023)

What are your goals after your two years as a Junior Analyst?

My goal is to pursue a graduate degree while concurrently completing the CFA Program, with the ultimate aim of rejoining the finance industry.

How has the Junior Analyst Program prepared you to achieve these goals?

The Junior Analyst role has provided me with the opportunity to work on impactful, real-life projects. I firmly believe that these experiences, when highlighted in my profile, will be crucial for my graduate applications and career.


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