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FEATURE STORYJune 30, 2023

OSD publishes the Symposium Supranational Response to Corruption Knowledge Report

Symposium on Supranational Responses to Corruption

Knowledge Report of the Symposium on Supranational Responses to Corruption

The Symposium on Supranational Responses to Corruption was co-organized by the World Bank’s Office of Suspension and Debarment, the Anti-Corruption Law Interest Group of the American Society for International Law, and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development’s Anti-Corruption Division held in Vienna, Austria, in April 2022. The partner organizations were the World Economic Forum—Partnering Against Corruption Initiative, the International Anti-Corruption Academy, and the Austrian Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs. The event was hosted at the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries Fund for International Development in Vienna, on April 28-29, 2022. The main objective of the Symposium was to reflect on current and prospective anti-corruption efforts that transcend national boundaries or governments.


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