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Reform teams

Future of Government Trend - Convenors and Brokers

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Coalitions help support the drive for reform. This may involve stakeholders within and outside of governments, and across different levels of government, across sectors, or across departments within individual institutions. Coalitions can be formed between those who demand change and those whose behavior may need to change to deliver results.   Coalitions use their collective power to secure the space for change from those in authority.

Reform teams deliver change by working together to solve specific problems and achieve results that cut across institutional silos within government and in partnership with non-state actors.

Conveners and brokers can help bring together teams and coalitions and facilitate agreements between their members and maintain the impetus for change.

Authorizers, whether they are heads of government, ministers, mayors, or senior bureaucrats: they create and maintain the space for change (or prevent it). Authorizers respond to the coalitions and teams that demand change. The authority provided can be implicit or explicit and is required to bring about the change that is desired. Both teams and coalitions require authority to address change and harness the potential that this change brings for society.


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