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FEATURE STORY November 11, 2021

Meet: Alex Wong, Treasury Junior Analyst '21

Alexander Wong headshot

Meet Alex

  • Alex Wong (he/him) is a Junior Analyst on the Asset Management team in the Asset and Advisory Department.
  • He is an American national and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Finance and Information Systems at Boston University and is interested in investment analysis.
  • He is focused on expanding his understanding of financial markets and will pursue a master’s degree after the Junior Analyst Program

What’s your typical day as a Treasury Junior Analyst?

  • Providing analyses on prospective deals within the structured products market, specifically collateralized loan obligations.
  • Creating weekly and daily reports providing information on market levels, technicals, and major events.
  • Developing dashboards and models to monitor environmental, social and governance (ESG) and structured product metrics to support the Strategic Investment and Mortgage-Backed Securities teams.
  • Recording and analyzing market events to synthesize and write into a Monthly US Market report.

What is your greatest challenge and success as a Junior Analyst?

The greatest challenge I have faced as a Junior Analyst has been the learning curve of the investment industry. The Junior Analyst Program exposed me to various securities and markets and, consequently, a substantial amount of information and industry jargon.

My greatest success in the Junior Analyst program is that the team uses the tools, dashboards, and analyses that I developed for their decision-making. It’s satisfying to know that while I am learning, I am also creating value for the team.

What do you appreciate most about the Junior Analyst program?

Coming directly from undergraduate into the workforce can be daunting. Inexperienced in the working culture and industry, I appreciate the program enabling me to have different perspectives on and firsthand exposure to the finance industry in a learning-conducive environment.

"My favorite aspect of the World Bank is the people. The sheer amount of knowledge and experience within a single team is staggering. At a time in my life where I should be consuming as much knowledge as possible, the World Bank is a great place to be. "
Alexander Wong headshot
Alex Wong
Treasury Junior Analyst '21

What do you appreciate about Treasury’s multicultural work environment?

I appreciate the cultures and the emphasis on the different backgrounds and experiences of our colleagues. Team members deliberately ask each other for feedback because they provide valuable input they alone might not have been able to reach.

What has been the involvement of senior colleagues with your work?

Senior colleagues assign projects while providing the necessary guidance to complete them. My colleagues take great pride and energy to ensure that I understand the underlying concepts of my work. Their active mentorship honed my skills and improved the quality of my work.

Why did you apply to the Summer Internship Program?

I applied to the Summer Internship Program because the World Bank’s mission and emphasis on diversity resonated with me. I also wanted the opportunity to be exposed to multiple financial markets.

How did the Treasury Summer Internship prepare you for this position?

The internship prepared me through work on projects that were important and pertinent to the industry. For example, during my internship, I created a presentation that explored ESG. As a Junior Analyst, I have continued my research, leading me to develop an ESG database and impact report.

Treasury Summer Intern & Junior Analyst Experience Webinar (2023)

What are your goals after your two years as a Junior Analyst?

After the Junior Analyst Program, I plan to attend graduate school and return to the investment industry after graduation.

How has the Junior Analyst Program prepared you to achieve these goals?

The program has given me the chance to work in the industry that I am passionate about, learn the nuances of the discipline, and build a network of mentors.