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FEATURE STORY February 2, 2021

Data transparency event organized by OSD at the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference (IACC 2020)

On December 5, 2020, the Office of Suspension and Debarment hosted a virtual panel discussion on “Leveraging Synergies: A Data Eco-System of Anti-Corruption Exclusion Mechanisms” during the 19th International Anti-Corruption Conference.  The panel discussion was chaired by Jamieson Smith, the World Bank’s Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer, and panelists included:          

  • Alexandra Wrage, Founder and President, TRACE International
  • Adriana Dantas, Member, Petrobras Independent Board Committee on Integrity
  • Kjell Dørum, Chief Advisor, Council on Ethics, Norwegian Government Pension Fund
  • Alexandra Habershon, Senior Governance Specialist, World Bank

The speakers first addressed the type of data generated by anti-corruption exclusion mechanisms, such as those of the World Bank Group, the Norwegian Government Pension Fund, and Petrobras’s internal sanctions system. Focusing on data transparency, the panel then discussed how to leverage all the data generated by these exclusion mechanisms across regions and sectors into a transparent global resource for public and private actors seeking to prevent and detect corruption in their own operations. The participants discussed what information is made publicly available by these exclusions systems, and what additional information would be useful. The panelists also addressed the potential inter-institutional challenges associated with creating such a global tool, as well as the role of technology in shaping the available data into easily accessible and valuable information for the stakeholders. 

A recording of the panel discussion can be found here.