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FEATURE STORY October 26, 2020

A Day in the World Bank Treasury: Reneé, Senior Investment Officer


Meet Reneé

  • A Day in Treasury Series introduces staff across departments, who come from different regions and have distinct perspectives on what it’s like to work with us and in the World Bank.
  • Reneé grew up in Barbados and is on the Advisory and Partnerships team in the Asset Management & Advisory Department.

Reneé is a Senior Investment Officer on the Advisory & Partnership team within the Asset Management & Advisory Department. She joined the World Bank in 2007 and grew up in Barbados.

What do you do?

My days are anything but typical. They are project-driven and focus on developing and executing the clients' project plans and the milestones in producing deliverables. I also support the Reserve Advisory & Management Partnership (RAMP) workshop program as a subject matter expert. In this role, I respond to client queries and advise on reserve management topics.

What’s your typical day?

  1. Plan and prioritize my calendar for the day and coming weeks.
  2. Develop project plans to address clients' needs.
  3. Meet with colleagues to determine solutions for a central bank or sovereign wealth fund.
  4. Deliver  virtual or in-person advisory to clients.
  5. Draft reports to document the progress of the client or to provide suggestions to senior management.

How does your upbringing make you better at work? 

My upbringing followed the adage: it takes a village to raise a child with that, I appreciate the importance of teamwork. My mother always imparted words of wisdom, which at the time, I did not always understand or want to hear. Still, some that stand out now are: 'You should always run your own race', 'give of your absolute best', 'it's ok to be angry, but you must be respectful', 'kindness is a heartfelt action' and 'honesty is paramount'. I believe these nuggets have been foundational in me embracing the differences of those around me while staying true to myself and being considered an asset to the team.  

"My upbringing followed the adage: it takes a village to raise a child with that I appreciate the importance of teamwork."
Senior Investment Officer

What do you like most about the World Bank's working culture?

I love being able to collaborate with individuals from diverse backgrounds, cultures, and demographics. 

Why did you join the World Bank?

When I joined the World Bank, I did not know the details about its development mandate. However, I had friends and family who encouraged me to go for the international experience and the opportunity to work at such a large institution. 

If you could rewind, what would you have told yourself on Day One?

I would tell myself not to be overwhelmed by how much bigger and busier things are at headquarters in Washington, DC than a small island. It's important to try to understand other World Bank departments because of their wide-ranging impacts on others' lives.

What teams do you work with the most? 

I work with all the teams across Treasury but primarily with TREAP, TREOP, PENDP, TRERC.

Create, Don't Just Participate

What have you accomplished since joining the World Bank Treasury? 

Since joining Treasury, I completed master's degree and other professional designations. I have developed into a mentor and project lead from junior staff member.

What's your next goal? 

I want to become an engagement manager with a designated portfolio of clients. 

What's your favorite perk about working for the World Bank?

I enjoy traveling to countries I never imagined that I would visit while partnering with them to improve their reserve management framework.