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FEATURE STORY June 2, 2020

Register Today for WBG Course: Financial Sectors and the Fintech Revolution


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The Overview Course of Financial Sector Issues, organized every year by the World Bank Group, has become a well-known forum for sharing knowledge among practitioners in the financial sector. Now in its 17th year, the 2020 Overview Course of Financial Sector Issues is being offered from October 19 – 23, 2020 at the World Bank Group Headquarters in Washington DC.

Financial Sectors and the Fintech Revolution

Under the theme, Financial Sectors and the Fintech Revolution, the course will provide participants with the latest thinking on traditional areas of finance, as well as innovative ideas on big data and new financial technologies reshaping the financial landscape. The course will feature 20 sessions, including digital currencies, payment systems, SME finance, Fintech, development of pension and insurance markets, banking regulation, the role of banks, green finance, and climate change.

Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions, interact and engage in discussions with renowned scholars, policy experts, and prominent industry figures, who will identify the critical questions related to each topic, explore the analytics of the issues, and share lessons from various countries' experiences.

Course content is particularly relevant for mid-level officials from central banks, ministries of finance, and financial regulatory agencies in developing countries, as well as staff involved in financial sector operations from international development organizations and the private sector. Prior knowledge of financial sector issues is expected, and we suggest that only those with experience in this field attend.

"This seminar is very relevant for managing economists and countries as big data and fintech are the emerging areas... I could interact extensively with experts in the seminar and talk to colleagues from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Bhutan to collaborate together in many areas."
Dr. Benugopal Mukhopadhyay
Chief General Manager at NABARD


Alfonso Garcia Mora giving the welcome speech at Overview Course of Financial Sector 2019

Measurable Impact and Knowledge Gains

According to participants’ feedback, the 2019 course successfully deepened participants knowledge and understanding on financial market development, how big data and fintech can integrate into financial services, the development of fintech startup, and bank regulations.

Participants said this course enriched their networks and interactions with Lead Economists from the World Bank, leading academics, and practitioners from over 50 countries globally. It led them to a new connection with motivated individuals exchanging ideas and extending collaborations across the world.

Tariq Naseem, Joint Director from Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, said “I really enjoy interacting with professionals and speakers from different institutions. This experience is really good for me to understand financial market and development challenges on financial market crisis. I particularly love the part of the linkage between the actual economy and banks and financial system….With the introduction of the fintech solutions for product distribution, methods of cybersecurity and data protection, and bank regulation mechanisms, these helps us address issues facing by financial intermediaries operating in capital market in Pakistan and fulfill my understanding as a Security Market Regulator.”

Since 2004, the course, organized by the Research Department and the Finance, Competitiveness and Innovation Global Practice, has served more than 1,000 global policymakers from central banks, ministries of finance, the private sector and members of the academia. This year, practitioners will learn more how to develop their digital financial services and integrate in their financial sectors to serve their populations, particularly underserved populations after COVID-19 pandemic. This course may also contribute to invaluable networks and collaborations in fintech among officials, ministries and practitioners across countries.

Join us and experts from over 50 countries and learn more about best practices that will support an effective, sustainable, and responsible development of the financial sector in their home countries.

Registration is open until October 18, 2020.