FEATURE STORY August 20, 2019

Future Pasifika: Big Issues. Bold Ideas. Fresh Perspectives.

EPISODE 1: Healthy Oceans Four distinct Pacific voices – Dr Stuart Kininmonth from the University of the South Pacific’s School of Marine Studies; Zakiyyah Ali from Project Survival Pacific; Justin Hunter from J. Hunter Pearls; and Maureen Penjueli from the Pacific Network on Globalisation (PANG) – came together at USP in July 2019 for the very first Future Pasifika event, tackling the big questions around how the Pacific region can work together to protect ocean health.

World Bank Group

Welcome to Future Pasifika – a platform for discussion and debate on the big issues facing the Pacific region.

This new series brings together some of the most passionate voices in the Pacific community – thought leaders, activists, businesspeople and youth leaders – to tackle critical topics that will shape the future of the Pacific, with a focus on solutions.

Co-hosted by the University of the South Pacific (USP), the World Bank and its sister organization, the International Finance Corporation, Future Pasifika is filmed in front of a live audience at the USP Laucala Bay Campus in Suva, Fiji, and livestreamed globally on Facebook and  World Bank Live.

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"The health of the Pacific Ocean is critically vital not just for ourselves and our futures but for the entire planet"
Maureen Penjueli
Pacific Network on Globalisation


Maureen Penjueli from the Pacific Network on Globalisation, speaking at the first Future Pasifika event