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FEATURE STORY June 20, 2019

World Bank Debars Zhongchen Road & Bridge Construction (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (Sanctions Case No. 605 – China)

On June 20, 2019, the World Bank’s Chief Suspension and Debarment Officer (the “SDO”) imposed a three-year debarment with conditional release on Zhongchen Road & Bridge Construction (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (“Zhongchen Road & Bridge”) pursuant to a Notice of Uncontested Sanctions Proceedings in Sanctions Case No. 605.   

The specific accusation made by the Integrity Vice Presidency in the case was that Zhongchen Road & Bridge engaged in a fraudulent practice by misrepresenting facts to attempt to meet the relevant prior experience requirements in its bids for two construction contracts under the China Chongqing Small Towns Water Environment Management Project.

Zhongchen Road & Bridge did not submit an Explanation to the SDO in accordance with the Bank Procedure: Sanctions Proceedings and Settlements in Bank Financed Projects (the “Sanctions Procedures”).

Zhongchen Road & Bridge also did not submit a Response to the World Bank Group Sanctions Board within the period specified in the Sanctions Procedures.  Accordingly, the sanction recommended by the SDO is deemed uncontested and has entered into force as of June 20, 2019.