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FEATURE STORY February 28, 2018

Voice & Action: Social Accountability for Improved Services Delivery in Cambodia



The Project aims to support the improved service delivery in schools, health centers and communes, serving rural households in selected districts of Cambodia, a target population of around 2.7 million (including 820,789 community members and 950,844 children). The Project is being implemented by local government and other service providers engaging with communities through the “Implementation of the Social Accountability Framework” (I-SAF) process.

Through I-SAF, the Project aims to strengthen social accountability in Cambodia by introducing and nurturing a new culture of constructive engagement between citizens and authorities and by ensuring skilled people and organizations are able to facilitate social accountability processes. It aims to empower citizens, strengthen partnerships between sub-national administrations (SNAs) and citizens, and enhance the accountability of SNAs and local service providers.

 The I-SAF consists of four operational components:

(1)    Access to information and open budgets

(2)    Citizen monitoring

(3)    Facilitation and capacity building and,

(4)    Learning and monitoring.                            

Each component involves both “demand-side” (civil society) and “supply-side” (government) actions.

Results from this Project will be fully realized when the final impact evaluation survey is completed by mid 2018. However, the Intermediate indicators show very positive results/impact on the quality of service delivery.

The Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) is providing $4.90 million to support this Project.


Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018