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Factsheet March 4, 2020

Mashreq Gender Facility Steering Committee

The MGF Steering Committee is a high-level advisory group that will be responsible for providing overall strategic direction and guidance for the MGF implementation and outreach.

The key objectives and functions of the Steering Committee are:

  • Contribute to elevating the dialogue and level of commitment to women’s economic opportunities. Enable a coordinated, more holistic identification and response to key constraints. Champion and serve as advocates for the Facility within their constituencies. Support fund-raising activities. 
  • Provide strategic guidance to maximize effectiveness of MGF activities in reaching the targets set out. Advise on the focus areas and priorities set out in country level and regional annual work plans developed under the auspices of the MGF as they relate to reaching the overall targets set out in the Women’s Economic Empowerment Action Plans. Monitor progress by reviewing country level and regional annual status and financial reports. Provide recommendations for dealing with important risks or issues that come up during implementation. Based on evidence and practical solutions stemming from the MGF activities, discuss and disseminate progress and solutions that close key gaps between males and females in economic opportunities and empowerment. 
  • Promote collaboration and partnerships. Foster partnerships across stakeholders on projects and initiatives that promotes women’s economic empowerment at the country and regional level by identifying relevant events, activities, projects and policies that represent an opportunity to collaborate with the MGF and/or to disseminate results. 

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Meeting Minutes: 

SC Meeting no 1. January 19, 2019
SC Meeting no 2. May 14, 2019
SC Meeting no 3. June 13, 2019
SC Meeting no 4. July 10, 2019
SC Meeting no. 5. October 9, 2019