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The Social Dimensions of Climate Change in Indonesia

April 24, 2024
Soehanna Hall of Energy Building in SCBD Sudirman, Jakarta
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The World Bank invites you to participate in a conversation on “The Social Dimension of Climate Change in Indonesia”, on Wednesday, April 24th, 2024, 09:00 – 12:00 PM (Jakarta Time) at Soehanna Hall, Energy Building, Zoom, and Live Streaming.

Indonesia is highly susceptible to impacts of climate change, which are likely to deepen socioeconomic vulnerabilities and challenge critical livelihoods. Indonesia has also committed to significantly reduce GHG emissions under the Paris Agreement while strengthening economic and social resilience. Communities across Indonesia are on the frontline of climate risks and policies. Many already face the impacts of droughts, floods, and changes to cropping patterns. Others worry about the sustainability of their livelihoods in high-emitting sectors.

Climate change and climate mitigation policies will have significant impacts on local communities, particularly on poor and vulnerable groups. The impacts of climate change experienced by communities depend not only on their exposure to climate risks but also on the sensitivity of their livelihoods and cultures to climatic changes, and their capacity to adapt and respond to these changes. Vulnerability varies significantly across the population. Those facing discrimination, limited access to rights and governance platforms, or exclusion from social networks are likely to experience disproportionate impacts from climate risks and have a lower capacity to adapt. Over the past few decades, Indonesia has made admirable progress reducing poverty. However, not addressing the social impacts of climate change and climate change policies could risk reversing some of these gains.

This event on the Social Dimensions of Climate Change in Indonesia aims to shine a spotlight on the people at the center of Indonesia’s transition to a green and resilient economy. It tackles the question of how Indonesia can protect communities from climate impacts, and work in partnership with them to achieve Indonesia’s Nationally Determined Contributions.

The Ministry of Villages, Disadvantaged Regions, and Transmigration (MoV) and the World Bank will provide an analysis of climate impacts and policies from the perspective of social vulnerability and inclusion and present a framework for community-led climate policy and program design in Indonesia. The event convenes government, academia and civil society to discuss success, challenges, and how to move forward. 

The event will be conducted in Indonesian and English with simultaneous interpretation services available.  

Event Details

  • When: Wednesday, April 24th, 2024, 09:00 – 12:00 PM (Jakarta Time)
  • Where: Soehanna Hall of Energy Building in SCBD Sudirman, Jakarta
  • CONTACT: Karlina Widyastuti