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The Artificial Intelligence Powered Public Sector Transformation

November 16, 2023
AI-Powered Public Sector

Join us for an exciting exploration of AI's potential to transform government operations and reshape public service delivery. In today's digital age, the fusion of data and artificial intelligence is a catalyst for transformation, and we're here to unravel its spectrum of possibilities in this first of a series on AI, its applications, and its potential to drive positive change on a global scale.

In the first of the series, the World Bank's Governance GP, Digital Development GP, and ITS Technology and Innovation Lab are hosting a virtual knowledge-sharing session that promises to unlock the power of AI for public sector innovation.

We bring together practitioners and innovators to share their insights on the ethical and secure use of data and AI in reshaping the public sector operations and service delivery. Our speakers, will guide us through the diverse landscapes of AI-powered government, and share their experience on topics such as crafting AI strategies for responsible AI adoption, leveraging AI to redesign government operations and public service delivery, efforts to foster digital competences.  The session will deep-dive into the key enablers, challenges and risks facing governments when embarking on safe and inclusive AI adoption. We'll also highlight existing World Bank’s AI related use cases and collaborations with client governments.

Engage, inquire, and join the conversation as we navigate through the Data and AI powered global development. Let's unlock the transformative power of AI and redefine the possibilities for governments worldwide. Welcome to this enlightening journey. 


  • WHEN: November 16, 2023 at 9:30 am
  • WHERE: Via Zoom
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