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Connected: Digital transformation to accelerate learning

October 30, 2023
Virtual event

The World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank are working together to realize a shared vision of sustainable development for Latin America and the Caribbean. How will this commitment translate into concrete actions to reduce the digital divide in education?  

Join us for a key conversation for the development of human capital in the region, between the World Bank's Director for Human Development for Latin America and the Caribbean, Jaime Saavedra and IDB's Vice President for Sectors and Knowledge, Ana María Ibáñez.

This joint work is key to the development of the region's human capital, within a framework of strategic and collaborative approaches initiated by both institutions in August 2023. The goal is to put the region on the path to a more resilient and prosperous future.

Learn about the coordinated actions and strategies to expand the digital transformation of education and the acceleration of learning.  

Moderated by journalist Glenda Umaña.