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AskWBCaribbean- Caribbean Migration: Challenges and Opportunities

October 3, 2023

Migration has been an essential factor for international development and with demographic changes, it has generated an intensifying global competition for workers and talent. In addition, climate change compounds the economic drivers of migration and conflict, violence, and persecution continue to force people to seek safety in other countries.

Long-term migration patterns in the Caribbean can be characterised by two principal dynamics. The first, and most prominent, is emigration out of the region, mainly toward Northern America, with the United States being the main destination country, as well as Europe. The second is intraregional migration.

The COVID-19 pandemic generated significant changes in mobility, migration and tourism patterns in the region. Border closures and travel restrictions severely impacted many Caribbean economies that depend on tourism for jobs and overall economic well being.

As migration increasingly presents both significant challenges and opportunities for the long-term socioeconomic development of the Caribbean region, the next in our #AskWBCaribbean series will focus on Migration Across the Region, including mass emigration of high-skilled individuals, policies for better bilateral and regional mobility, climate change and the risk of distressed movements, and maximising the benefits of remittances and return migration.

Format: Online-virtual event targeted towards the Caribbean general public and questions asked via our Twitter campaign #AskWBCaribbean