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Launch Event of “Silver Hues: Building-Age Ready Cities EAP Regional Paper”

September 19, 2023

Cities across the world are undergoing a demographic transition toward older populations, and the world is increasingly becoming more urban. Countries in the East Asia and Pacific (EAP) region have been experiencing a faster aging rate compared to other regions, with countries like China, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam projected to transition from aging to an aged society in 25, 22, 22, and 19 years, respectively. Along with technological advancement and frequent shocks from health and climate emergencies, the megatrend of aging in urban areas poses challenges and opportunities for cities to prepare for an older urban age and become “age-ready.”

Building on the World Bank global report “Silver Hues: Building Age-Ready Cities,” the EAP Regional Paper summarizes key analysis, insights, and findings tailored for audiences in the EAP region. It provides recommendations in six key areas: universal design, housing solutions, multigenerational spaces, physical mobility, technology, and efficient spatial forms. Age-ready cities are beneficial for all residents, regardless of their age, and are adaptive to the changing needs, productive in creating incentives and attracting investment and innovation, and inclusive of older persons. While the experiences of aging in countries across the EAP region are diverse and creating age-ready cities requires context-specific approaches, countries in the region offer valuable examples and best practices that can inform government efforts.

This event marks the launch of “Silver Hues: Building Age-Ready Cities EAP Regional Paper,” presenting the need for and intrinsic values of age-readiness measures as cities across the EAP are aging rapidly. It will also highlight the complexity of aging in urban environments and how cities in the EAP are responding to challenges posed by aging and urbanization. Bringing in expertise from academia and practitioners in China, a panel discussion will round off the event, showcasing how cities in China are advancing age-readiness through planning and the design of the built environment.


  • Date and Time: 14:00 – 16:00, Tuesday, September 19, 2023 (Beijing time)
  • Registration Deadline: Saturday, September 16, 2023 (Beijing time)
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