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Deeper Data for Development: Introducing the Geospatial Poverty Portal

September 13, 2023
Virtual and Washington, DC
Introducing the Geospatial Poverty Portal

Timely, accurate and robust data are critical to analyzing poverty and inequality within and across countries, and thereby ensuring development actions are targeted and effective in supporting the poorest and most vulnerable.

Subnational data can play an important role, complementing national data, by providing more granular poverty, inequality, and multi-dimensional poverty indicators. This data can then be used to improve development interventions, produce more precise poverty estimates, and combine with other sources to improve analysis around a wide range of development challenges.

The World Bank’s new Geospatial Poverty Portal provides access to subnational poverty data that can be used for research and analysis that require more granular geographic data, including for example:

  • Poverty maps looking to identify spatial patterns and hotspots of deprivation,
  • Analysis of trans-border issues, such as climate change, conflict, and food insecurity,
  • Impact evaluations of poverty reduction and development interventions that target specific areas or groups.

At this event, discussants will share insights on the new Portal and the opportunities it presents for accessing and using data on poverty and inequality that can help inform development policies in countries around the world.

Subnational data products featured in this event are developed by the Data for Goals team in the Poverty and Equity Global Practice in collaboration with the Global Poverty & Inequality Data Team (GPID) in the Development Economics Data Group (DECDG). For questions email or