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Ethiopia Forced Displacement Research and Policy Workshop

June 2, 2023
Hybrid (Skylight Hotel, Addis Ababa, and MS Teams)
Ethiopia Forced Displacement


The Building the Evidence on Forced Displacement (BEoFD) is a 7 years research program (2016-2023) funded by the UK Government, and implemented by the World Bank and the UNHCR. The program includes: 1) Six thematic global studies on education, health, social protection, jobs, gender, and social cohesion, 2) Impact evaluations, 3) a Young Fellows program, 4) Focus papers utilizing existing data, 5) The establishment of a data platform, and a 6) Dissemination and research uptake component. Ethiopia featured prominently across program components. Among the topics of research are measuring the impact of refugee presence on host communities; studying what works in promoting social cohesion between displaced and host communities; a multi-country study on labor market outcomes of host communities, including new data on job activities and labor market interactions collected among refugees and hosts amongst others in Ethiopia (Addis Ababa and Jijiga) as well as two work permits case studies (forthcoming); a study on the cost-effectiveness of jobs interventions; and impact evaluations, for example one of a ‘mental imagery’ intervention aimed to improve refugees’ readiness to work (forthcoming), one embedded in the Refugees-Host Integration through Safety Nets (RHISN) project, and one for the Development Response to Displacement Impacts project (DRDIP). Further, a Socio-Economic Survey of Refugees in Ethiopia (SESRE) was undertaken with funding from the Joint Data Center on Forced Displacement and various applied analytics were conducted and are planned as part of the WHR-funded projects such as the Refugees-Host Integration through Safety Nets project (RHISN, part of UPSNJP).

Against this backdrop, the World Bank, RRS, and UNHCR jointly organized a workshop to disseminate the findings from completed and forthcoming research papers that focused on forced displacement in Ethiopia which is a country hosting a large number of forcibly displaced persons. The workshop enabled participants to discuss the overall implication of the research findings for policy, programs, and projects, and to brainstorm priority areas for future research and analytics.


Objectives of the workshop were:

1.       Presenting and discussing research findings and implications for policy, programmes and projects.

2.       Stock-taking and discussing a forward-looking research and analytics agenda.

3.       Informing preparations to the December 2023 Global Refugee Forum (sharing learning).