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Trade in Flux, Development in Doubt? Meeting the Shifting Challenges to Trade-led Development

April 18, 2023
Washington, DC and Online

The global trading system is experiencing change, uncertainty, and instability. This state of flux can make it difficult to predict the future trajectory of the global economy, and policy makers may need to look to new strategies and approaches to navigate a shifting and complex global landscape.

In this Policy Research Talk, World Bank Research Manager Daria Taglioni will delve into the changes that could threaten trade-led development. Historically, globalization has played a significant role in shaping the global economy and the nature of international trade through the interconnectedness and interdependence of countries. But rising protectionism, trade tensions, and geopolitical challenges are all casting a long shadow over the future sustainability and effectiveness of globalization.

Can globalization remain an important driver of economic growth and poverty reduction, albeit with significant challenges that must be addressed? Taglioni will assess the evidence and explore the underlying trends, drivers, and implications of globalization to better understand its prospects for the future of development.