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Assessing learning remotely in impact evaluations: Lessons from SIEF’s COVID-19 Window

April 12, 2023
Washington, DC

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During the COVID-19 global pandemic, many low-income countries swiftly rolled out radio, TV, phone, and/or internet-based platforms to replace in-person instruction during school closures.  Through its COVID-19 Emergency window, SIEF supported six evaluations of interventions implemented early in the pandemic that aimed to improve the take-up, effectiveness and equity of remote learning.

In this webinar, the six SIEF-supported research teams will share their experiences of collecting data and assessing learning by phone or online learning platforms, especially on determining assessment modes, ensuring high response rates, addressing threats to validity, and lessons learned. Measurement experts will also discuss ways to improve remote assessments used in impact evaluations.




Marguerite Clarke (The World Bank)

Moderated discussion:

Reflections on i) ensuring high responses, ii) establishing validity, iii) comparison with in-person measurement.



Marguerite Clarke (The World Bank)


Irma Arteaga (University of Missouri) Slides

Igor Asanov (INCHER, University of Kassel, Germany) Slides

Emily Beam (University of Vermont)

David Evans (Center for Global Development)

Tazeen Fasih (The World Bank)

Sharon Wolf (University of Pennsylvania) Slides with pre-recorded video

Presentation: Psychometric considerations for remote phone-based measurement

Diego Luna Bazaldua (The World Bank) Slides


Moderated by Marguerite Clarke
Additional Materials

Remote Formative Assessment Solutions

Practical lessons for phone-based assessments of learning


Event Details

  • DATE: Wednesday, April 12, 2023, 11:00 AM-12:30 AM