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Including Women with Disabilities in World Bank Operations

March 8, 2023
Young women in wheelchairs playing ball. Photo credit: © Mohsen Karimi / Getty Images

Photo credit: Mohsen Karimi / Getty Images.

While women with disabilities experience the same obstacles as nondisabled women, they also encounter multiple types of discrimination and environmental barriers that prevent their socio-economic participation. As a result, women with disabilities are more likely to have unmet health care needs and be excluded from education opportunities. Further, women with disabilities experience gender-based violence at much higher rates than nondisabled women. 

On the occasion of International Women’s Day 2023, the World Bank’s Social Sustainability and Inclusion Global Practice  launched a toolkit on Including Women with Disabilities in World Bank Operations. The document lists World Bank Group commitments to women with disabilities, examples of law and policy reform, key barriers and solutions across several World Bank sectors, as well as a checklist for World Bank project teams. The toolkit aims to support World Bank task teams to design disability- and gender-inclusive operations. It also provides many useful examples and guidelines for other stakeholders, such as international development organizations and human rights advocates.

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