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Lao PDR National Green Growth Forum

October 4-5, 2022
Hand drawn map of Laos, featuring green economy icons e.g.. electric vehicles charging, with citizens holding the country up

Showcasing Progress and Identifying Solutions for Green Growth


Join meeting virtually at:

Meeting ID: 971 5818 0670
Passcode: 12345678

Green growth is a resilient, inclusive and sustainable economic strategy that can boost employment — raising incomes and reducing poverty — while reducing the costs of economic growth on human health and the natural environment.

This two-day forum, hosted by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, with the support of the Global Green Growth Institute and the World Bank, brings Lao agencies and organizations together to discuss progress on the National Green Growth Strategy and identify future priorities. It provides an opportunity for policy makers, development partners, civil society and the private sector to explore green growth issues and showcase solutions related to low-carbon development, the management of natural capital, electric mobility, and waste management.

Laos’ Ninth National Socio-Economic Development Plan includes a strong set of policy reforms to promote cleaner growth based on the National Green Growth Strategy 2030. This prioritizes action on renewable natural resources, environmental pollution and waste management, along with environmental fiscal instruments and nature-based tourism that can drive economic growth and help create green jobs.

Recent progress toward green growth includes the government’s $42 million for results-based emission reduction payments from forests, new policies for green industry and solid waste management, and a strengthened environmental and social impact assessments system that will help minimize environmental degradation. Laos has also committed to ambitious goals such as making 30% of all vehicles electric by 2030, reaching 70% forest cover across the country by 2035, and becoming carbon neutral by 2050. This last makes Laos the first ASEAN member to commit to net zero emissions.

At this forum, stakeholders will discuss how Laos can benefit from the global turn to green growth and implement a long-term strategy for sustainable green growth that can drive the country forward. As the Minister of Planning and Investment says, everyone needs to work together for a greener future, in every sector and province, to make the Lao PDR a country of sustainability.