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The road to equality: New approaches to closing the fiscal gap

October 6, 2022


Join us on Thursday, October 6, at 12:00 noon (US Eastern Time) for a discussion with the LAC Chief Economist, Ministers of Finance from the region, and high-level experts on how to boost growth and improve efficiency in Latin America and the Caribbean.


The World Bank invites you to join a conversation about the just-released Regional Economic Review findings for Latin America and the Caribbean: "New Approaches to Closing the Fiscal Gap." The new report looks at the region's growth prospects and the challenges countries face in reducing poverty and inequality.

A high-level panel will share views about the region's critical conjunctural macroeconomic challenges, considering persistent inflationary pressures, tight fiscal space, and sustainability issues.

Join us on Thursday, October 6, at 12:00 pm (US Eastern Time) for a discussion with our Chief Economist and regional experts.

The event will be in Spanish with interpretation in English, Portuguese, and French.

Carlos Felipe Jaramillo

World Bank Vice President, Latin America and Caribbean

William Maloney

World Bank Chief Economist, Latin America and Caribbean

Andrea Repetto

Professor of Economics at the Adolfo Ibáñez University

Jose Antonio Ocampo

Minister of Finance of Colombia  

Pablo Arosemena Marriott

Minister of Economy and Finance of Ecuador

Mario Marcel

Minister of Finance of Chile

Simon Cueva Armijos

Academic and economic analyst