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Learning from Japanese Experts on Resilient Infrastructure

August 6-17, 2022
Learning from Japanese Experts on Resilient Infrastructure

2011 tsunami water level mark at Natori City

From August 6-17, 2022, with support from the Japan Program for Mainstreaming Disaster Risk Management in Developing Countries and The World Bank, a team from the Global Program on Resilient Infrastructure (GPRI) embarked on a mission made up of knowledge-exchange meetings and site visits around Japan showcasing resilient infrastructure.

The objective of the mission was to identify and consult key Japanese experts in the field of resilient infrastructure in an effort to increase collaboration with World Bank projects. For example, the GPRI team met with a research institute to learn more about their work particularly, road resilience, bridge engineering, flood and coastal management, seismic retrofitting, and asset management systems and see how their expertise can complement future World Bank projects.

The mission had meetings with a variety of Japanese experts from academia and both the public and private sectors related to resilient infrastructure, in addition to a site visit to an area damaged by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami to see how Japan was able to build back better.

This mission was a great step toward maximizing the impact of The Japan Program with the goal of helping developing countries mainstream their disaster risk management efforts.


  • DATE/TIME: August 6-17, 2022