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Korea-WBG Partnership on COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Webinar Series 2

June 29, 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a detrimental impact globally, pushing millions of people into poverty and economies into recession. Although the East Asia Pacific (EAP) region was the first to be affected, it was also one of the regions that responded quickly. Several EAP countries have received World Bank Group (WBG) financing and policy advice to help them respond to the pandemic and other human development challenges arising from it. Many relevant experiences and lessons on COVID-19 preparedness and response have emerged that can be shared not only within EAP but also in other countries.

Through the generous support from the Ministry of Economy and Finance of The Republic of Korea, this knowledge partnership seeks to document and share those experiences to help inform current and future pandemic preparedness and response. The region has also focused on resilient recovery to mitigate the socioeconomic challenges that have arisen from the pandemic and build back better through innovation and climate-friendly approaches. Five countries from the region—Fiji, Malaysia, Mongolia, Vietnam, and the Republic of Korea—will collaborate to share their preparedness and response lessons. Each country will prepare in-depth case studies, guidance, and policy notes, addressing topics including contact tracing, lockdown measures, and vaccination.

Jointly organized by the World Bank Group Korea office and the Health Nutrition and Population Global Practice, this webinar will bring experts from Malaysia and Vietnam who will share key findings from their country case studies. A panelist of experts will reflect on the lessons learnt and how we can provide assistance to developing countries on effective methods to prepare and respond to COVID-19 as well as other pandemics we will face in the future.


  • Date and Time (EDT) : 9pm - 10:30pm , Wednesday, June 29
  • Date and Time (KST) : 10am - 11:30am, Thursday, June 30
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