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Webinar: Global Perspective on Coal Jobs & Managing Labor Transition out of Coal

May 24, 2022



  • The conflict in Ukraine and the volatility of global energy markets highlight the complex dynamics affecting the energy transition. However, .  .

    Because coal remains a major part of economies and communities, transitioning away from it presents a number of challenges.

    This webinar will present the main findings of this new global report which:

    • Takes stock of progress in coal phase-out around the world
    • Identifies heterogeneous patterns of coal production and the reasons some countries are scaling up coal mining while others are scaling back
    • Describes trends in coal mining employment in the top coal-producing countries
    • Provides in-depth analysis of the role of coal jobs in local and national labor markets in Indonesia, South Africa, and India

    Last Updated: Apr 05, 2022

  • Openings


    Michal Rutkowski, Global Director, Social Protection and Jobs, World Bank



    Elizabeth Ruppert Bulmer, Lead Economist, Jobs Group, World Bank



    Chandra Bhushan, President and CEO, iFOREST India

    Arief Anshory Yusuf, Department of Economics, Padjajaran University, Indonesia

    Concluding Remarks

    Vivien Foster, Chief Economist, Infrastructure, World Bank