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Tax Administration Diagnostic Assessment Tool (TADAT): Assessment for Reform, Reflections and Lessons Learned from the World Bank Experience

November 10, 2021



Event invite with speaker information

    Please join the Global Tax Program (GTP) for a webinar on the World Bank’s experience in using TADAT to assess tax administrations’ performance and inform operational work at the country level. This event will share reflections, lessons learned and main takeaways from TADAT, a global initiative to support tax administration reform, and the World Bank’s active sponsorship of this tool.

    With over 110 assessments worldwide in more than 80 jurisdictions during a span of eight years, TADAT has consolidated worldwide as a trusted and instrumental diagnostic tool that supports tax administration reform. Ever since its early design stages, the World Bank has been an active technical partner and sponsor organization of the TADAT global missions in different capacities, including multilateral assessment missions worldwide, technical assistance, and training and outreach activities.

    As TADAT moves ahead with its mission to support tax administration reform, a space for reflection and recollection of lessons learned is needed to better adapt this global initiative to the emerging challenges posed to governments by the digital economy and the COVID-19 pandemic, among others. Stocktaking of the World Bank’s experience with TADAT will also help use the tool more strategically going forward.


    ·       Main takeaways as a result of 110+ assessments worldwide

    ·       Experience from the World Bank’s participation in TADAT missions

    ·       TADAT as a multilateral initiative in support of tax administration reform




    8:00 – 8:05 AM EST

    Welcoming Remarks by the Chair: Ms. Chiara Bronchi, Practice Manager,
    Fiscal Policy and Sustainable Growth (FPSG), Macroeconomics, Trade, and Investment (MTI), World Bank.


    8:05 – 8:15 AM EST

    Opening Remarks by Mr. Jim Brumby, Senior Adviser, Public Sector, Governance (GOV); World Bank Representative to the TADAT Steering Committee.


    8:15 – 8:35 AM EST

    TADAT in Context: Summary of Results and Observations To-Date


    Presentation by Mr. Justin Zake, Head of the TADAT Secretariat, International Monetary Fund (IMF).



    8:35 – 9:15 AM EST

    Panel 1:  TADAT and the World Bank

    Reflections on the World Bank’s Role and Contribution to the TADAT Mission


    In this panel, speakers will reflect on the World Bank’s role and contributions to the TADAT mission.


    Moderator:  Mr. Daniel Alvarez Estrada, Senior Public Sector Specialist, FPSG, MTI.




     Mr. Tuan Minh Le, Lead Economist, Eastern and Southern Africa (AFR), MTI.

     Ms. Nataliya Biletska, Senior Public Sector Specialist, Middle East and North Africa (MNA), Governance.

     Mr. Saidou Diop, Senior Public Sector Specialist, Western and Central Africa (AFR), Governance.


    Q&A with participants



    9:15 – 9:55 AM EST

    Panel 2:  Stakeholders’ Perspectives: Practical Experiences Engaging with TADAT and Reflections on the Outcomes


    This panel will focus on the stakeholders’ perspectives and their real-life experiences with TADAT. Panelists will also share their insights on how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the TADAT work.


    Moderator: Ms. Ceren Ozer, Senior Economist and GTP Manager, FPSG, MTI.




    Mr. Carlos Vargas Duran, General Director for Taxation, Ministry of Finance for Costa Rica.

    Ms. Monica Calijuri, Lead Tax Administration Specialist, Inter-American Development Bank (IADB).

    Mr. Carlos Orjales, Economist & Program Manager, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), Switzerland.

    Q&A with participants


    9:55 – 10:00 AM EST

    Concluding Remarks & Key Takeaways by the Chair


  • Access the webinar  recording on YouTube:

    The PowerPoint presentation presented by Justin Zake

    TADAT - An Overview 

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