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WBG Vendor Forum for Women-Owned Businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean

December 1, 2021



  • On December 1st, 2021 the WBG Vendor Forum for Women-Owned Businesses in Latin America and the Caribbean region took place, targeting women-owned suppliers based and/or operating in Latin America and the Caribbean interested in becoming a supplier to the WBG. Through this session, women-owned businesses had the opportunity to gain insight on WBG corporate procurement procedures, vendor eligibility, and the vendor registration process, as well as understand the goods and services the organization frequently purchases to keep offices running and how to access such procurement opportunities. In addition, participants had the opportunity to learn about World Bank Group’s commitment to supplier diversity and inclusion, the role the institution plays as an agent of change towards gender equality and women’s economic empowerment, as well as hear a discussion about challenges that women-owned businesses face and available opportunities through the work of other partners and corporate buyers in support of women entrepreneurship and supplier diversity in the region.   

    The presentation and recordings of the event’s highlights are now available to view:

    A transcript of the questions and answers addressed during the forum is also available.

  • Agenda — All times in EST

    Full details of the agenda can be viewed here.




    House-keeping instructions and Agenda overview

    2:05–2:10​ pm

    Welcome and Opening remarks​

    2:10–2:15 pm  

    How the WBG is advancing gender equality and women’s economic empowerment

    2:15–2:20 pm  

    How the IFC encourages access to markets for women-owned businesses in the Latin America and Caribbean

    2:20–2:35 pm   

    Walking the Talk: Corporate Procurement’s Journey

    2:35–3:00​ pm 

    Doing Business with the World Bank Group: Overview of WBG Corporate Procurement procedures

    3:00–3:20​ pm   

    Doing Business with the World Bank Group: Opportunities at LAC Country Offices

    3:20–3:30 pm

    Question and Answer 

    3:30–3:50​ pm   

    Experience sharing from Women- Owned WBG vendors

    3:50–4:15 pm   

    Addressing challenges and opportunities experienced by women-owned businesses in the LAC region

    4:15–4:25​ pm   

    Question and Answer 

    4:25–4:30 pm  

    Closing Remarks