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FGM in Latin America among the Embera People in Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador

October 13, 2021

Latin America is not a region where FGM is heavily practiced. In general, countries in the region do not have special laws on FGM but do have general laws on bodily harm and mutilation. FGM is however, traditionally practiced among the indigenous Embera people in the three countries they inhabit : Colombia, Panama, and Ecuador. This BBL explores the extent to which, and the ways in which FGM is practiced in Latin America within the Embera people. It also discusses the Risaralda court case following the death of three Embera baby girls as a direct consequence of FGM. Why was there prosecution with no conviction? What was the judicial message conveyed? Were these indigenous girls adequately protected under Colombian Law? How did the national and international communities react after this human tragedy? How is the malpractice of FGM evolving in the Embera communities? Will they abandon FGM within our generation and before 2030? The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session.