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Banking on Clean Air to Save Lives: How the World Bank is Supporting Countries in Tackling Air Pollution Around the World

September 7, 2021


Green Planet and blue sky illustration
  • Air pollution is one of the biggest environmental threats the world faces, and the world’s leading environmental risk to human health. In 2019 alone, exposure to fine particulate matter air pollution, also known as PM2.5 was responsible for 6.4 million premature deaths and some 22 million years lived with disability. Low- and middle-income countries suffer the highest burden, with 95% of deaths occurring in these countries. Besides being a health problem, air pollution contributes to less-livable conditions in cities and hinders economic competitiveness. Poor people are more likely to live in a polluted environment and suffer the adverse impacts of air pollution. 

    September 7th is the UN-designated International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies. It’s a global call for action toward a single, unifying objective: clean air for all by urging countries to work together to tackle air pollution around the world. The theme of this year’s International Day of Clean Air for Blue Skies is: ‘Healthy Air, Healthy Planet’.

    To mark this important day, the World Bank is organizing an event that will take place in two distinct sessions – morning and evening – to highlight how it is supporting countries in different regions to improve air quality through lending and technical assistance. 

    Follow the "Sessions" tab for event times and links. 

  • Sessions

    MORNING SESSIONS | Event link

    6:00-7:00am ET | 1:00-2:00pm EAT

    Middle East and North Africa

    World Bank Supported Air Quality Management Activities in the Middle East and North Africa

    7:00-8:00am ET | 2:00-3:00pm EAT

    Sub-Saharan Africa

    World Bank Supported Air Quality Management Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

    8:00-9:00am ET | 3:00-4:00pm EAT

    Europe and Central Asia

    From Problem Analysis to Proactive Action – Supporting Countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia to Establish Air Quality Management Frameworks

    EVENING SESSIONS | Event link

    8:00-9:00pm ET | 3:00-4:00am EAT

    East Asia and Pacific

    Air Quality Challenges and Successes in China, Indonesia, Mongolia and Vietnam

    10:00-11:00pm ET | 5:00-6:00am EAT

    South Asia

    Towards Cleaner Air in South Asia – National Initiatives with Regional Coordination