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WBG Vendor Forum for Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Businesses in North America and Europe

September 14, 2021



Photos credit: World Bank

September 14, 2021 | 8:00 am EDT (12:00 pm GMT) | Zoom

The World Bank Group (WBG) Corporate Procurement unit held an engaging virtual presentation to help women- and minority-owned businesses in North America and Europe learn how to do business with the WBG, what we purchase, and what we are doing to include women-owned and minority-owned businesses in our own supply chain.

  • The event highlighted the role the WBG plays as an agent of change towards gender equality and women’s economic empowerment.

    Participants heard from women-owned and minority-owned businesses that currently work with the WBG as they share their insight and experience with Corporate Procurement practices and procedures. They also heard details from WBG staff involved in procurements on what they buy, how they identify vendors, and what some needs may be.

    The event recording and presentation are now available to view. A transcript of the questions and answers forum is also available.

  • Speakers in Order of Appearance

    Shaolin Yang

    Managing Director and WBG Chief Administrative Officer 

    Sara Wilshaw

    Assistant Deputy Minister and Canada’s Chief Trade Commissioner

    Hana Brixi

    WBG Global Director, Gender

    Kenny Cheung

    Chief, WBG Corporate Procurement

    Adam Rubinfield

    Sustainability and Supplier Diversity Team Lead, WBG Corporate Procurement

    Catarina Thomaz

    Procurement Specialist, WBG Corporate Procurement

    Guranda Elashvili

    Procurement Specialist, WBG Corporate Procurement

    Maria Ochoa

    Manager, WBG Global Corporate Solutions, Business Services

    Evelyne Rasoanirina Ratsimbazafy

    Project Manager, Global Real Estate Development & Management, WBG Paris Office

    Diana Smallridge

    President and CEO of International Financial Consulting

    Bee Joshi

    Financial Controller at Sheppard Moscow

    Kalsoom Lakhani

    Co-founder & General Partner at i2i Ventures


Event Recording