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From Informality to Opportunity - #Rethinking the Future of Employment and the Economy in LAC

June 29, 2021



Informality is a widespread phenomenon in developing countries, where 70 percent of workers and 30 percent of production are outside the formal economy. Labor and economic informality undermine countries’ efforts  to curb the spread of COVID-19, protect workers and boost economic growth. On the flip side, the informal sector is also a crucial source of income for those who cannot find formal employment.

By its very nature, informality is a complex issue that must be addressed through a multisectoral public policy approach. Latin America and the Caribbean has one of the world’s largest shares of informality as a percentage of GDP; addressing it has become an urgent matter in the current circumstances. To contribute to this crucial conversation, and to look at possible responses to the issue based on lessons from experience in the region, the World Bank has convened top experts and leaders from the public, private, and civil society sectors for a virtual panel discussion.

We invite you to be part of this conversation to #RethinkTheFuture of the region and help it transform informality into an opportunity.

The live webcast will be available on this website during the event.

  • 12:00 – 12:05 pm

    Moderator opens the Webinar with brief remarks, introduces LACVP and other panelists and explains the format

    12:05 – 12:10 pm

    LAC VP Carlos Felipe Jaramillo makes opening remarks

    12:11 – 12:13 pm

    Informal workers video

    12:14 – 12:16 pm

    Moderator opens the panel discussion: From Informality to Opportunity: #Rethinking the future of employment and the Economy in Latin America introduces Roxana Maurizio, Tania Espinosa Sanchez, Gabriela Rocha and Juan Sebastian Robledo and poses first discussion question to Mrs. Maurizio

    12:56 – 1pm

    Closing by moderator


  • Organized by the World Bank with the support of the International Labour Organization (ILO): 
  • EVENT INFO:: The event will be held on Tuesday, June 29th, from 12pm-1pm EST
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