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Azerbaijan: e-Courts and the Digitization of Justice

June 29, 2021



    PRESENTATIONS: Azerbaijan: e-Courts and the joint achievements in digitalization of justice | Azerbaijan’s Electronic Court Information System: User’s Perspective

    An effective justice sector is essential for sustainable economic and social development. Many judiciaries around the globe strive to improve their efficiency, transparency and accessibility in service provision, and the enforcement of citizen rights and business contracts.

    Over the last decade, as a result of modernization efforts in the justice sector, Azerbaijan is viewed as a good example of court efficiency, transparency and accessibility at the international level. The European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ) has recognized Azerbaijan for its technological innovations. Its smart courts and simplified judicial procedures are considered fast and business friendly. The use of e-court technologies has increased judicial productivity by at least threefold. Simplified business processes are resulting in operational budget savings.

    In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, these technological advances have proven to be an asset and have helped courts remain operational and offer services to citizens and businesses remotely in an easily accessible and transparent manner, while successfully fulfilling rule of law responsibilities


    • How Azerbaijan’s judiciary has improved its performance by investing in smart technology, infrastructure and organization reforms over the last decade.
    • What the Bank’s role has been in this process and how it intends to support future justice programs in Azerbaijan.
    • Some of the lessons on institutional transformation, digitalization and justice sector reforms in Azerbaijan and their relevance to other countries in the region and beyond.

    Sarah Michael, Country Manager, Azerbaijan, World Bank


    Daniel Boyce, Practice Manager, Governance Global Practice, Europe and Central Asia – East, World Bank


    Ramin Gurbanov, Judge, Court of Appeal, Azerbaijan, President of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ)

    Lala Naghiyeva, Presidium’s Member of the Bar Association of the Republic of Azerbaijan


    Eva Melis, Senior Governance Specialist, Governance Global Practice, Europe and Central Asia, World Bank


    Waleed Malik, Senior Public sector Specialist, Governance Global Practice, World Bank