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MENA Tech: Resetting Digital Transformation in MENA Countries

February 22, 2021



Press play above for the livestream.

This MENA Tech inaugural event is the first in a series of unique opportunities to engage with high-level decision makers, policymakers, regulators, private sector business leaders, and influencers, to share a vision for accelerating digital transformation and strategies that have successfully fostered digital government and digital businesses.

  • "Resetting Digital Transformation in MENA countries" is about promoting trust, transparency, and accountability and helping create private sector-led jobs in the region.

    Enabled by universal and affordable broadband and widespread availability of cashless payments, digital transformation is a driver for economic recovery and long-term growth of the private sector, as well as the modernization of public service delivery.
    While the region has several factors playing in its favor, including a young population and a growing entrepreneurial culture, the COVID-19 pandemic offered a dramatic test case for the effectiveness of digital solutions across the MENA region, from the Ocean to the Gulf. Now is the time to work collectively to accelerate digital transformation in the region and to identify priority areas for public investments, analytical work and policy reforms to unlock private sector investments.
    This webinar will focus on what will it take for the MENA region to leverage digital solutions to promote trust, transparency and accountability and help create private sector-led jobs.

  • Resetting Digital Transformation in Middle East & North Africa Countries

    Monday February 22nd, 2021 at 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM (GMT)


    Welcome and Introduction

    Mr. Paul Noumba Um, Regional Director, Infrastructure MENA, The World Bank 


    5 min

    Opening Keynote

    Mr. Ferid Belhaj, Regional Vice President, MENA, The World Bank


    10 min

    Video clip - Leapfrog MENA economies through digital transformation            

    3 min

    Panel Discussion

    Moderator: Ms. Boutheina Guermazi, Global Director, Digital Development, The World Bank



    H.E. Mohamed Fadhel Kraiem, Minister of Communication Technologies, Tunisia

    Dr. Abla Abdel Latif, Executive Director and Director of Research, Egyptian Center for Economic Studies, Egypt

    Mr. Ronaldo Mouchawar, Entrepreneur and Business Leader, and Vice President of Amazon MENA, Syria

    Ms. Najla Al Midfa, CEO, Sharjah Entrepreneurship Center (Sheraa), and Vice-Chairman of Young Arab Leaders, United Arab Emirates


    H.E. Dr. Esam A. Alwagait, Director, National Information Center, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

    Mr. Az El-Arabe HASSIBI, Director General,  Agence nationale de réglementation des télécommunications (ANRT), Morocco

    Mr. Jawad Jalal Abbassi, Head of MENA region, GSMA

    60 min


    Closing Remarks

    Mr. Ferid Belhaj, Regional Vice President, MENA, The World Bank


    Mr. Paul Noumba Um, Regional Director, Infrastructure MENA, The World Bank


    8 min


    2 min


  • Time: From 1:00 – 2:30PM GMT (8:00 – 9:30AM EST)
  • Language : Discussions will be conducted in English. French and Arabic interpretation will be available.