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Global Innovative Growth Forum (GIGF2020)

December 9-10, 2020




Day 1 - EnglishKorean

Day 2 - EnglishKorean

  • First launched in 2019, the Global Innovative Growth Forum (GIGF) is a forum for global leaders to engage and collaborate on promoting innovation for sustainable growth. Today the global pandemic is challenging the world on how to address health and economic issues simultaneously. We now live in a world where social distancing is the new norm and must rely on accelerated digital innovation and the need to maintain a clean environment. COVID-19 has completely reshaped the global innovative ecosystem as economic and social structures are rapidly changing.

    The World Bank Group Korea Office will be collaborating with the Republic of Korea’s Ministry of Economy and Finance to host GIGF 2020 which will be held virtually in Seoul. This year’s GIGF will highlight “Innovative and Sustainable Growth in the Post COVID-19 Era.” Speakers such as Vinton G. Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist of Google and Saeed Amidi, Founder and CEO of Plug and Play will talk about the unprecedented impact of the pandemic on global innovation and growth and the search for new drivers of growth through digital and green innovation. The forum will include an interactive session between Korean technology startups and a panel of World Bank and external experts, as part of the recently announced Disruptive Technologies for Development (DT4D) 2.0 challenge. Stay tuned for more information about the event!

  • Download the Full Program (PDF)


    Day 1 December 9th Wednesday, 2020
    09:00-09:07Opening RemarksNam-ki Hong, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy and Finance  - Watch Replay
    09:07-09:15Welcoming RemarksVictoria Kwakwa, Vice President, East Asia and Pacific, World Bank - Watch Replay
    09:15-09:30Keynote Speech 1Vinton G. Cerf, Vice President and Chief Internet Evangelist, Google - Watch Replay
    09:30-09:45Keynote Speech 2Sukyung Park, Adviser to the President for Science and Technology - Watch Replay
    Session 1: Transition to Non-Contact Society and Digital Innovation - Watch Replay
    09:45-09:55Presentations Keith Strier - Accelerating the convergence of digital and physical innovation to drive economic growth
    09:55-10:05Erik Brynjolfsson - The AI Awakening: Implications for the Economy
    10:05-10:15Nicol Turner Lee - Closing the Digital Divide with a Tech New Deal Program
    10:15-10:25Kamran Khan - Harnessing the Power of Data to Build Resilience to Global Epidemic Threats 
    10:25-10:55Discussion with Speakers
    Moderator : So Young Kim / Director, Korea Policy Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) Panelist : Christopher Sungwook Chang / Managing Director of Kakao Mobility Corp.
    Session 2: Green Innovation for Sustainable Growth - Watch Replay
    10:55-11:05Presentations Marilyn A. Brown - Interim Chair, School of Public Policy, Georgia Institute of Technology 
    11:05-11:15Jochen Schwill - Chairman, CEO of Next Kraftwerke
    11:15-11:25Mark Woodall - Executive Chairman, GreenSync
    11:25-11:35Vivek Pathak, Regional Director, East Asia and the Pacific, IFC
    11:35-12:05Discussion with Speakers
    Moderator : Hyoeun Jenny Kim / Deputy Director-General, Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)
     Panelist : Jae-Seung Lee / Professor and Jean Monnet Chair in Division of International Studies at Korea University
    Day 2December 10th Thursday, 2020
    09:00-09:05Congratulatory VideoSafi Bahcall, Author of the best-selling book 'Loonshots' - Watch Replay
    Session 3 : The Prospect of Global Ecosystem and the Roles of Startups in the Post-COVID19 Era - Watch Replay
    09:05-09:15Presentations Saeed Amidi - Economy recovery led by the startup ecosystem 
    09:15-09:25Tim Draper - Changes and Prospects of the Global Startup Ecosystem in the Post-COVID19 era
    09:25-09:35Jack Young - Digital Transformation in 2020 and beyond
    09:35-10:05Discussion with Speakers
    Moderator : JP Lee / CEO and Managing Partner, Softbank Ventures Asia
     Panelist : Junghee Ryu / CEO, FuturePlay
    Session 4: Partnerships with Startups to Promote Innovation in Developing Countries - Watch Replay
    10:05-10:13SpeechMartin Raiser - Harnessing Entrepreneurship for Development: the role of start-ups in spurring development innovation
    10:13-10:21Jongkap Kim - Introduction on Korea Startup Ecosystem and Collaboration Opportunities with the World Bank Group
    10:21-10:25Gayatri Singh - Green and Blue Footprints Tool: Decision Support for Living Cities
    10:25-10:29Daniel Ortega Nieto - The Power of Public Data: Disrupting Corruption and Money-Laundering
    10:29-10:37Startup PitchDtonic - ICT Fighting COVID-19 in Korea
    10:37-10:45N.Thing -  To Feed the World Sustainably 
    10:45-10:53InnoCSR - Eco friendly non-fired Bricks (Good Bricks System)
    10:53-11:01THE.WAVE.TALK - IoT Water Sensor for water innovation and big data: Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime
    11:01-11:55Panel Discussion with Startups
    Moderator : Hoon S. Soh, Special Representative / Country Manager, World Bank Group Korea Office
     Panelist : Hyunjoo Je CEO & Managing Partner, The Impact Venture Capital Yellowdog Charles Reed Anderson / Founder of CRA & Associates Toni Eliasz / Program Manager, Disruptive Technology for Development, World Bank Gayatri Singh / Senior Urban Development Specialist, World Bank Daniel Ortega Nieto / Senior Governance Specialist, World Bank
    11:55-12:00Closing RemarksByoung Hwan Kim, Director-General, Office for Innovative Growth, Ministry of Economy and Finance - Watch Replay



  • Date: December 9-10 , 2020
  • Location: virtually in Seoul