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Discovering the Circular nature of Covid 19 DIGITAL TALKS

October 21, 2020

United States

  • The Book
    As a world-renowned virologist, author and leading advocate of open science, Professor Ilaria Capua in her new book Circular Health proposes a revolutionary approach to health which is a conceptual framework for resilience in the post-pandemic world. This book takes a considered look back at how the concept of health initially developed and subsequently evolved in the face of contemporary discoveries. COVID-19 could be the excuse we need to rethink health as a condition that pertains not only to Homo sapiens but to a system which comprises animals, plants, and the environment. This new approach to the concept of well-being teaches us to become responsible custodians of the interconnections and interdependences within Circular Health.

    The Author

    Ilaria Capua is full professor and Director of the One Health Center of Excellence at the University of Florida. She has directed several international reference laboratories on emerging viruses and authored over 220 scientific publications in peer reviewed journals. Professor Capua has published two textbooks on Avian Influenza, and 6 non-fiction books for the general public, including one for pre-school children. In 2006 she ignited and led an international debate on sharing genetic information from panzootic H5N1 virus strains across disciplines. The sharing of virus sequences to allow a better understanding of pathogens which jump from animals to humans has now become a core part of pandemic preparedness plans, and has been key to fighting COVID-19.



  • Ilaria Capua, Director of One Health Center, University of Florida presents her new book CIRCULAR HEALTH Empowering the One Health Revolution.

    Introduction by Jeffrey Sachs, Center for Sustainable Development Columbia University. In conversation with Miria Pigato, Lead Economist, World Bank; Richard Damania, Chief Economist, World Bank; Roberta Gatti, Chief Economist, World Bank; Franck Berthe, Senior Livestock Specialist, World Bank. 

TIME: 11:30 AM. October 21, 2020

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