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Kickstarting the Sustainable Recovery

May 19-June 30, 2020



Organized by the Climate Change Group in partnership with Innovate4Climate, “Kickstarting the Sustainable Recovery” brings you a series of virtual discussions, stories and new research focused on how sustainable finance can be part of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) recovery and help countries build back better and stronger.

Check out the series program, mark your calendar for your favorite events, and make sure to join the conversation on social media using the hashtag #SustainableRecovery.

  • Kickstarting the #SustainableRecovery

    May 19World Bank Live

    Coronavirus live series: How can we ensure a sustainable recovery?

    Across the World Bank Group, efforts are underway to help governments respond to the crisis triggered by COVID-19. Watch a WB live interview with Bernice van Bronkhorst, Global Director for Climate Change, to find out how we are helping countries build back better and ensuring a sustainable recovery. WATCH

    May 28Virtual Report Launch & Discussion

    State and Trends of Carbon Pricing 2020

    The State and Trends of Carbon Pricing report series covers the latest developments and trends in carbon pricing instruments around the world. Join us for a presentation of this year’s edition findings and a discussion. WATCH

    June 9Virtual Report Launch & Discussion

    Promoting Innovation in Climate Change Adaptation

    While innovation in climate change mitigation technologies has accelerated sharply over the past two decades, innovation in climate change adaptation technologies has more or less kept its pace, resulting in lost time for the most vulnerable to be able to adapt to and survive climate change. Through the presentation of a new research report, this webinar explores what is holding back innovation in climate change adaptation technology, including gaps in technological capacity and market failures, and also raises further questions on why technological transfers from high income to lower-income countries are not taking place. WATCH

    June 17Virtual Report Launch & Discussion

    Transformative Climate Finance

    The Transformative Climate Finance Report sets out a new approach for climate finance that can enable more impactful investments and a sustainable recovery as developing countries grapple with an economic recovery. Join Practice Manager, Marc Sadler, and report authors, Jonathan Coony and Klaus Oppermann, for a virtual launch event that will explain the key findings of the report followed by a panel discussion and audience Q&A. WATCH

    June 18Virtual Competition

    I4C Pitch Hub Competition

    The I4C annual Pitch Hub competition showcases ingenuity, entrepreneurship, and solutions for climate-smart cities. The 90-minutes virtual competition will include recorded pitches from the 5 finalists for the judging panel’s review and a live Q&A exchange between judges and competitors. After judges deliberate, the 3 finalists and winner will be announced. WATCH

    June 22Virtual Discussion

    CPLC High-Level Dialogue: Realizing the full potential of carbon pricing in a sustainable recovery

    This 90-minute virtual session will convene CPLC partners and stakeholders around the question of how to realize the full potential of carbon pricing in greening the recovery process. Leaders panel and roundtable discussion. WATCH

    June 24Virtual Report Launch & Discussion

    World Bank Outlook 2050: Strategic Directions

    The World Bank Outlook 2050: Strategic Directions note looks at how the World Bank can support countries in meeting the long-term goals of decarbonization and resilience. Join us for a discussion and launch event. WATCH

    June 26Virtual Discussion

    “Youth4Climate Live“ Launch

    This youth-led virtual roundtable will kick off the Youth4Climate Live series, organized by Connect4Climate in partnership with the Italian Ministry of Environment, Land, and Sea and the office of the UN Youth Envoy. Young climate leaders will set the stage for what to expect from this exciting series of monthly discussions in the lead up to the 2021Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition Pre-COP26 event in Milan. WATCH