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Public Information Event: Bulgarian E-tolling Scheme

December 5, 2019

Sofia, Bulgaria


The World Bank transport team in collaboration with the Bulgarian Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works (MRDPW) and the Roads Infrastructure Agency (RIA) are organizing a public information event presenting the philosophy and technicalities of the E-tolling system, which is expected to go live in 2020.

  • In 2015, upon the request of the Government of Bulgaria, the World Bank undertook reimbursable advisory services (RAS) for the development of a comprehensive E-Tolling Vision. The Council of Ministers accepted the report and chose the option of E-tolling all heavy vehicles above 3.5 tones, transforming the paper vignette for passenger cars into the electronic vignette for better enforcement and revenue collection.

    RIA subsequently signed a contract with Kapsch Traffic Solutions to serve as its E-Tolling contractor. The Word Bank was selected to help with institutional strengthening and capacity building, as well as the technical assistance for successful implementation of the National E-Tolling program.

    This public information event will bring together various stakeholders from the public and private sectors, the civil society, as well as international partners and diplomatic corps.




  • 9:30   Registration

    Session 1: Opening of the Event

    10:00   Opening and welcoming remarks of Fabrizio Zarcone, Country Manager, and Hatem Chahbani, Task Team Leader of the E-tolling Team

    10:10   Allocution of representatives of the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Transport, Information Technologies and Communication

    10:20   Allocutions of Mr. Oleg Asenov, RIA Board Member

    10:30   Coffee Break

    Session 2: The Bulgarian E-tolling Scheme

    11:00   RIA: Philosophy and objectives of the Bulgarian e-tolling scheme (Mr. Oleg Asenov)

    11:20   World Bank: Technicalities of the E-tolling system

    • E-tolling system Route passes / Vignettes; Enforcement (Mr. Andrzej Kowalski)
    • Principles of how tariffs are set (Mr. Christian Birle)
    • Impacts of Toll on commodities prices and coach fares (Mr. Hatem Chahbani)
    • International, particularly European, experience (Mr. Mike Hayward)

    12:00   Questions and Answers

    12:45   Closing of the Event

    13:00   Lunch 

Event details

  • When:: December 5, 2019
  • Where:: Hilton, Musala I Meeting Room