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Workshop on Operational Risk Management

November 11-15, 2019

Washington, DC


2019 Conference and Workshop Program
Reserves Advisory & Management Program (RAMP)

  • GOAL

    Provide workshop participants a practical and comprehensive approach to operational risk (OR) management within the asset management business line using Key Risk Indicators (KRIs).


    The workshop will provide an overview of OR in a treasury and reserves management environment together with a methodology for identifying, monitoring, reporting and managing OR.


    • Governance structure to manage and report OR events
    • How to develop KRIs to assess, monitor and prioritize OR
    • Analysis and use of existing business process functions to develop KRIs and associated tolerances and thresholds
    • Tools to analyze OR and structure meaningful management reports
    • Synergies in managing OR, emerging risks, information technology, cyber security, and business continuity risks


    This course is suited for all levels of operations analysts, risk analysts, accountants, settlement specialists and internal auditors specializing in treasury and reserves management operations.

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