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Workshop on Advanced Techniques in Portfolio Management

November 4-8, 2019

Washington, DC


2019 Conference and Workshop Program
Reserves Advisory & Management Program (RAMP)

  • GOAL

    Provide participants with the tools to formulate and implement an active management strategy using high grade fixed-income bonds, futures and repos.


    The workshop will cover a variety of issues relevant to actively managing a fixed-income investment portfolio. Formal presentations will be used for instruction after which participants (in teams) will be asked to implement investment strategies within a given risk budget using a trading simulation model that replicates a changing market environment.


    • Developing a framework for active management
    • Different active management investment strategies, including relative value and interest rate strategies, yield enhancement strategies through credit diversification and the use of futures in portfolio management
    • Trading discipline
    • Risk management


    This course is best suited for portfolio managers with intermediate to advanced knowledge of portfolio management and at least one year of active portfolio management experience.

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