Workshop on Credit Risk Management

October 7-11, 2019

Washington, DC


2019 Conference and Workshop Program
Reserves Advisory & Management Program (RAMP)

  • GOAL

    Introduce participants to the key aspects of managing portfolio credit risk in the current market environment by applying fundamental concepts through interactive presentations, panel discussions, hands-on exercises and case studies.


    The workshop will cover the basic credit concepts, tools and techniques of credit risk measurement and monitoring. It also focuses on the practical application of these tools, including their scope and limitations in a credit risk management framework across a wide range of asset classes and portfolios.


    • Governance frameworks
    • Building blocks in credit risk
    • Measuring credit risk exposure
    • Performing credit analysis beyond ratings agencies
    • Tools for monitoring credit risk


    This course is best suited for staff with introductory exposure to credit risk, including legal professionals with agreement or policy oversight responsibilities, senior management, analysts with credit management or monitoring roles, and portfolio managers.

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