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R for Advanced Stata Users

April 16, 2019

MC 9-572

  • R is a programming language and software environment for statistical analysis. It is a powerful and flexible tool widely used among statisticians and data scientists that has a growing user base in economics research.

    This course is designed to familiarize participants with the language, focusing on common tasks and analysis in development research.

    The course will build upon comparisons to Stata syntax, and assumes familiarity with the use of do-files, including macros and loops.

    It consists of six independent modules:

    1. Introduction to R – Part 1 (Apr 16, 2019)
    2. Introduction to R – Part 2 (Apr 18, 2019)
    3. Descriptive Analysis (Apr 22, 2019)
    4. Data Visualization (Apr 25, 2019)
    5. Introduction to Geospatial Data Processing and Visualization (Apr 30, 2019)
    6. Data Processing (May 2, 2019)


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