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Constructing and Financing Affordable Housing Across Asia

April 2-3, 2019

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • The World Bank Group, together with Cagamas are pleased to announce the Conference on Constructing and Financing Affordable Housing across Asia, on April 2-3, 2019, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    The event will showcase the innovative solutions, new enabling technologies and means of addressing some of the challenges faced in meeting the needs of a growing urbanizing population in Asia. The program covers the housing value chain from access to land, housing construction, urban planning to the financing of developers and end affordability for home buyers in lower and middle-income groups. 


    Policy makers working in government looking for new ideas or experiences on how to meet public sector obligations on housing agendas, and private sector lenders, investors or developers who are exploring commercial opportunities in the affordable housing space. Participants will come from East Asia and Pacific, South Asia and Central Asia, as well as members of the International Secondary Mortgage Market Association.


    The two-day event follows the over-riding objective of how to reach the SDG goal of safe, adequate and affordable housing for all.  Solutions in building truly affordable housing and in providing financing solutions which offer an inclusive approach are high up on the agendas of national economic development across the region. Issues such as disaster resilient housing and sustainable affordable housing funding are critical issues for the majority of Asian countries. The conference will cover the following topics in particular:

    1. Overview of Affordable Housing Challenges and Opportunities in Asia
    2. Islamic Housing Finance
    3. Affordable Housing Financing and Delivery – Country Case
    4. The Affordability Challenge – how to provide safe adequate housing at a reasonable cost?
    5. Connecting Capital Markets and Affordable Housing Delivery
    6. Green and Sustainable Housing Development
    7. What FinTech can do for Affordable Housing
    8. Innovations in Financing Affordable Housing Construction
    9. Community-Led Housing Development – viable business models and key lessons learned

    You will hear from policy makers, private sector practitioners, Asian financial institutions, as well as international experts.

  • Conference Program

    Tuesday, April 2, 2019



    8.00 am

    Arrival of Delegates

    9.00 am

    Emcee Welcome

    9.05 am

    Welcome Remarks



    9:10 am

    Session I: Affordable Housing: Challenges and Opportunities across Asia

    Introductory panel bringing together key figures from public and private sector involved in housing on the Asian continent. By 2050, Asia will have 3.3 billion urban inhabitants what does this mean in terms of housing delivery models, financing of housing and role of government? How can new technologies help in meeting some of the challenges? How can ‘adequate, safe and affordable housing for all by 2030’ be achieved?

    Presentations by:

    10:30 am

    Tea and Coffee

    10:45 am

    Blitz Talk – A new Islamic Finance Pricing Paradigm for Affordable Housing

    What would be a better benchmark for Islamic finance for pricing the affordable housing? UUM team is developing a rental price index for affordable rental housing program in Malaysia under the Islamic finance principle.

    Presentation by

    11:00 am

    Session II: Islamic Housing Finance

    Latest developments in non-interest housing finance from Islamic finance product development to capital market fund raising. How do different models apply across the Asia/Pacific region and key lessons learned? What role can Islamic finance play alongside conventional financing products?

    Presentations by:

    12:15 pm

    Opening Remarks by Deputy Governor of Bank Negara Malaysia

    Speech by Encik Abdul Rasheed Ghaffour

    12:30 pm

    Keynote Address by Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin, Ministry of Housing & Local Government of Malaysia

    12:50 pm

    MOU Signing between Cagamas Berhad and Korea Housing Finance Corporation

    1:00 pm


    2:00 pm

    Session III: Country Case Study – Affordable Housing Financing and Delivery in Singapore

    The housing system in Singapore is uniquely efficient at meeting its housing needs. Can the system be replicated elsewhere? What are the lessons for countries embarking on their urban journey? The session will be an interview format moderated discussion exploring the Singapore housing finance model in depth.

    Presentation by

    2:45 pm

    Session IV: The Affordability Challenge – how to provide safe adequate housing at a reasonable cost?

    How to define affordable housing? What is global experience in provision of affordable housing and what is relevant for Asia? How can government intervene in markets to expand affordability without crowding out private sector? What role is there for rental housing –   public or private? What is best way to deliver efficient SMART subsidies?

    Presentations by

    3:45 pm

    Tea and Coffee

    4:00 pm

    Session V: Connecting Capital Markets and Affordable Housing delivery

    Reaching scale requires wholesale financing from capital markets. How are markets progressing as world puts GFC behind it? Have covered bonds fully arrived in Asia? How can capital markets deliver on affordable housing needs?

    Wednesday, April 3, 2019



    9:00 am

    Re-Cap of Day One Discussion – Simon Walley, The World Bank

    Presentation by

    9:10 am

    Hear my Story – Sarah Murray, Digital Housing Developer

    Sarah Murray dreams of a future where sustainable housing is available for everyone and affordable for all. She's building this future, with PLACE Technologies, a digital manufacturing social enterprise powered by the PLACE game, a computer game that allows players to design their own homes and have them delivered to them. For every ten homes PLACE builds, they will house someone in need. As an entrepreneur in residence with 15 years of experience and a graduate of the prestigious Stanford LEAD program, Murray passionately applies this powerful cocktail of skills and experience to the challenges of some of the world's largest organizations and society's most intractable issues.

    Presentation by

    • Sarah Murray

    9:30 am

    Session VI: Green and Disaster Resilient Housing

    Climate change is leading to less predictable weather patterns more destructive natural disasters, it is ever more critical to ensure that housing is built to withstand both current disaster levels and future ones. Whether it is flooding, earthquakes or other natural disasters what has experience been in the region in building resilient housing and in financing it?

    Presentations by

    10:30 am

    Tea and Coffee

    10:45 am

    Session VII: What can FinTech do for housing?

    What can technology do to solve some of the challenges of access to housing, access to credit and affordability. This session will explore latest developments in the use of big data to underwrite customers with limited or no credit histories. It will explore technology platforms for better delivering credit and look at machine learning/AI as a tool for predicting customer behavior and needs.

    Presentations by

    12:00 pm


    1:30 pm

    Session VIII: Innovations in Financing Affordable Housing Construction

    What are the latest innovations in financing the supply of affordable housing? How can development projects obtain equity and debt financing at costs making returns possible even on low income housing

    Presentations by



    2:30 pm

    Session IX: Community led Housing Development

    Affordable housing for the people by the people! How community led development models can lead to positive outcomes in terms of provision of affordable housing and slum upgrading. Inclusive development models aim to give a voice to all stakeholders

    Presentations by

    3:45 pm

    Session X: Ask Me Anything – Closing Session

    An interactive session that provides an opportunity to bring it all together and ask nagging questions which may remain. Panel will provide summation and be open to answer any and all questions thrown at them from the audience

    4:30 pm

    End of Conference









  • Adnan Zaylani

    Assistant Governor

    Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)

    Ahmad Hafiz Abdul Aziz

    Financial Sector Specialist

    World Bank Group

    Cha-Ly Koh



    Dao Harrison

    Senior Housing Specialist

    World Bank Group

    Datuk Chung



    Dedy Permadi

    Head of PIU of National Affordable Housing Program

    Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia

    Dr. Suraya Ismail

    Director of Research

    Khazanah Research Institute

    Eko D. Heripoerwanto

    Director General of Infrastructure Financing for Public Works and Housing

    Ministry of Public Works and Housing, Indonesia

    Ian Shapiro


    Real Equity for All (Reall)

    Jolanta Kryspin

    Lead Disaster Risk Management Specialist

    World Bank Group

    Judy Baker

    Lead Urban Specialist

    World Bank Group

    Jung Hwan Lee

    President & CEO

    Korean Mortgage Corporation

    Kit Miyamoto


    Miyamoto International

    Loic Chiquier

    Senior Advisor

    World Bank Group

    Md. Abu Sahed Shams Azad

    General Manager

    Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC)

    Ming-Hau Lee


    ClearWater Capital Partners

    Minister Zuraida Kamaruddin

    Minister of Housing & Local Government

    Government of Malaysia

    Naeem Razwani

    Director, Asia-Pacific

    Habitat for Humanity

    Olivia Caldwell


    Affordable Housing Institute

    Olivier Hassler


    Caisse de Refinancement de l'Habitat (CRH)

    Paul Graham



    Prof. Dr. Azmi Omar


    International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance (INCEIF)

    Prof. Dr. Rosylin Mohd. Yusof


    Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM)

    Rajesh Krishnan


    Brick Eagle

    Renu Karnad


    HDFC Bank

    Sarah Murray


    PLACE Technologies

    Shaik Abdul Rasheed Abdul Ghaffour

    Deputy Governor

    Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM)

    Siew Suet Ming

    Senior General Manager and Head, Structured Finance

    RAM Ratings

    Simon Walley

    Lead Financial Sector Specialist

    World Bank Group

    Somsook Boonyabancha

    Secretary General

    Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR)

    Sumila Gulyani

    Program Leader

    World Bank Group

    Sushil Kumar Agarwal


    Aavas Housing Finance Co.

    Umar Munshi

    Managing Director

    Ethis Crowd

    Wiliam Britt Gwinner

    Principal Operations Officer

    International Finance Corporation

    Zoubida Allaua

    Director, FCI

    World Bank Group

Event Details

  • Dates: April 2-3, 2019
  • Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Auditorium, Sasana Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia

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