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Presenting "Stand For Her Land": A Global Advocacy Campaign on Women’s Land Rights

March 25, 2019

World Bank Land and Poverty Conference, Washington, D.C. Time: 3 PM EDT


Join us in Washington, D.C. for “Presenting Stand For Her Land”

Attendees of the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference 2019 are invited to join Stand For Her Land founding partners for a public launch event, “Presenting Stand For Her Land” at 3 pm Monday, March 25, ahead of the opening session of the World Bank Land and Poverty Conference 2019 at The World Bank, 1818 H Street NW, Washington, D.C., Room MC4-800.

Not a registered participant in the Land and Poverty Conference? Please join the conversation on social media using hashtag #Stand4HerLand. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter


  • Around the world, land is the foundation for security, shelter, and livelihood, and creates pathways to empowerment and economic opportunity.

    But rights to land are not equitably distributed to us all. Women still encounter persistent barriers to their land rights – despite laws and policies that enshrine those rights – in half the countries in the world.

    It’s time to break down those barriers so that all women can realize land rights in their daily lives.

    The Stand For Her Land campaign, and founding partners Habitat for Humanity, the Huairou Commission, Landesa, Global Land Tool Network Partners, and the World Bank, will work to close this persistent gap between law and practice worldwide so that millions of women can benefit from secure rights to land.

    The main objective of the campaign is to drive real change on the ground, channeling resources, tools, and support for national and local advocacy efforts in focal countries. It is the first advocacy campaign of its kind to merge both global and local level efforts to strengthen land rights for women from the ground up.

    Together, we can close the enormous gap that prevents millions of women from realizing full and equal land and property rights, wherever she lives in the world.

    We can empower indigenous women in Peru to make decisions over their resources and land use.

    We can include the name of a woman farmer living in India on her family’s land title.

    We can recognize the inheritance rights of widows living under customary law in Liberia.

    We can help provide women living in urban settlements in Colombia, Kenya or Nepal with a safe and secure place to call home.

    Visit the Stand For Her Land website to learn how you can help support this vital effort.


  • Opening Remarks: Laura Tuck, Vice President for Sustainable Development, World Bank

    Panel Moderator: Victoria Stanley, World Bank

    Panelist: Godfrey Massay, Land Tenure Specialist, Landesa’s Tanzania Country Program

    Panelist: Violet Shivutse, Chair of Huairou Commission 

    Panelist: Rajan Samuel, Managing Director, Habitat for Humanity India

    Panelist: Oumar Sylla, Leader of the Land and Global Land Tool Network Unit, UN-Habitat