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DIME Event: Making Analytics Reusable

March 1, 2019

C 8-100

  • This one day, hands-on workshop is targeted to all WBG staff and STCs who want to learn how to create fully-reproducible analytical products. Participants should be comfortable coding in Stata, Python or R.

    The Organizers:

    The Berkeley Initiative for Transparency in the Social Sciences (BITSS), established by the Center for Effective Global Action (CEGA) in 2012, works to strengthen the integrity of social science research and evidence used for policy-making. BITSS aims to enhance the practices of economists, psychologists, political scientists, and other social scientists in ways that promote research transparency, reproducibility, and openness.

    The World Bank’s Development Impact Evaluation (DIME) group generates high-quality and operationally relevant data and research to transform development policy, help reduce extreme poverty, and secure shared prosperity. It develops customized data and evidence ecosystems to produce actionable information and recommend specific policy pathways to maximize impact.

    The Innovations in Big Data Analytics program provides data science and advisory services to help World Bank teams use big data and machine learning to address development challenges.  The program has supported over 60 big data innovations, and has delivered over 150 activities to help Global Practices develop and connect with capabilities, networks and essential resources to put big data into action in World Bank operations.




    10 AM

    Opening remarks

    Umar Serajuddin (SDG Atlas)

    10:30 AM

    Technical setup and coffee

    GitHub accounts, GitHub Desktop, GitKraken
    Anaconda, R, RStudio

    11:00 AM

    (2 parallel tracks)

    Track 1 - Fernando Hoces de la Guardia (BITSS)
    Track 2 - Ben Daniels (DIME)

    12:30 PM



    1:30 AM

    Dynamic documents 
    (3 parallel tracks)

    Stata - Luiza Andrade (DIME)
    Python - Sam Freiberger / Dunstan Matekenya (Big Data)
    R - Fernando Hoces de la Guardia (BITSS)

    3:00 PM

    Coffee break


    3:15 PM

    Project management using Github

    Mireille Raad (Big Data)

    4:00 PM

    Workshop ends


  • DIME is a World Bank-wide program to generate knowledge on the effectiveness of development policies. Working across 18 thematic areas, DIME collaborates with 300 agencies in 72 countries to improve the effectiveness of policies and programs and strengthen country capacity for real-time evidence-based policy-making. More »