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From Evolution to Revolution: 10 Years of Green Bonds

November 16, 2018

Jack Morton Auditorium, The George Washington University, Washington, D.C.


Ten years ago, the World Bank’s first Green Bond created the blueprint for what is today a US$500+ billion market. Developed in partnership with investors and SEB, the bond catalyzed the market for sustainable investing: it provided a foundation for the Green Bond principles, and sparked a sharper focus on transparency and on the social value of fixed income investments.

What drove the success of this market? How are Green Bonds influencing issuer and inve­stor behavior more broadly? This event convened­ leading investors, issuers, bankers and development practitioners for a conversation on how Green Bonds created a sustainability revolution in the capital markets—and as we challenge each other to ensure that we harness this revolution towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Watch a short animated video on the history of green bonds.