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First Working Group Meeting: Experts discuss how Japanese flood risk management experiences can help developing countries strengthen resilience against urban floods

August 7, 2018



Working Group members convened for the 1st Working Group Meeting for IUFRM

  • The first Integrated Urban Flood Risk Management (IUFRM) Working Group Meeting was held in Tokyo on August 7, 2018 to discuss the development of the Knowledge Notes that will capture Japanese best practices and case studies in IUFRM. The Tokyo DRM Hub’s engagement on IUFRM seeks to engage relevant Japanese expertise and capture how Japan has adapted and currently applies river basin management approaches to reduce flood risk. Rapid urbanization, particularly in areas below known flood levels, and proximity to water hazards has necessitated innovative/evolving approaches that include both “hard” and “soft” measures, mark clear responsibilities between levels of government, and recognize importance of river basin systems. During the Working Group meeting, six urban flood management experts and practitioners with backgrounds in urban storm drainage, climate change adaptation, rainwater management, etc. convened to provide input toward the following:

    • How lessons can be captured from each case study to be relevant in the context of developing countries;
    • What initiatives and methodologies in utilizing green infrastructure have been effective in the Japanese experience in IRFRM;
    • Provide comments and suggestions on the development of the Knowledge Note.

    Moving forward, valuable input provided through the Working Group meeting will be reflected in the final Knowledge Note and will be followed by a second Working Group meeting to be held in November.