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Your Future Job is Online: Click-on Kaduna

July 10-12, 2018

Kaduna State University, ICT Center, Kaduna Nigeria

  • “Click-on Kaduna in partnership with Digital Naija,” a digital jobs workshop will take place in Kaduna, Nigeria from July 10-12, under the World Bank-executed Digital Jobs in Nigeria Program funded by the Rockefeller Foundation. The Program seeks to help increase employment through the use of information and communication technologies for Nigerian youth, including the disadvantaged and those in conflict-affected states.  The program will focus on the conflict-affected states in Northwest (NW) Nigeria and will emphasize the inclusion of female participants. It will seek partnerships with institutions that are already doing digital job programs, even on a small scale, and help them build these out to reach to more beneficiaries. The workshop will be co-hosted by the Kaduna State Government and the World Bank Group.

    The purpose of the workshop is to provide unemployed and underemployed youths with the critical foundations and tools to access income in the virtual economy via online freelancing (elancing) platforms. In the last decade, the global digital economy has given rise to a massive new market for new products, platforms and services. This phenomenon has enabled disadvantaged youth and women overcome physical and other socio-economic barriers for earning the much-needed income. The workshop sessions will provide hands-on practical training for youths on the use of elancing platforms to secure work opportunities, including but not limited to development of a competitive profile and CV, personal branding, price negotiations and how to land the first job. The daylong workshops will target skilled and semi-skilled youth in Business, Information Technology and Creative Industries.   The workshop will also provide opportunities for the youths to interact with global and local elancing platforms, as well as raise awareness among local SMEs on the opportunities presented by the digital economy to extend reach of markets and skills.

    Over 900 participants representing youth in the technology space, representatives of the Kaduna State Government, the World Bank Group, local SMEs, tech community and representatives from international and local elancing platforms will attend the three-day event.

    To find out more about the workshop, please access the Event’s Facebook Page.

  • The Single-Donor Trust Fund (SDTF) for Digital Jobs in Nigeria is funded by the Rockefeller Foundations Digital Jobs Africa Initiative (RF DJA). The SDTF is financing a Bank-executed technical assistance of US$1 million in Nigeria to help increase employment for Nigerian youth including the disadvantaged and those in conflict-affected states, by catalyzing digital jobs and the use of ICT for economic opportunity creation in Nigeria, and by informing relevant policies and operations to support scaling up of employment-yielding opportunities that leverage ICT.

    The program is being implemented through three mutually-reinforcing approaches: (a) Job Matching and Facilitation, to match youth with income-generating opportunities through international and local online work platforms; (b) Digital Skills Development, to train youth and women with market-driven digital skills and link them with job opportunities; and (c) Digital Entrepreneurship Support, to provide training and mentorship to nascent digital entrepreneurs, including women, on cutting edge acceleration skills and lean startup methodologies. Collectively, these three areas constitute a holistic approach to digital jobs, by helping to increase both the supply and demand of digital jobs and facilitating the linkages.


  • DATE: July 10-12, 2018
  • LOCATION: Kaduna State University, ICT Center, Kaduna Nigeria
  • CONTACT: Junko Narimatsu